Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 months later

I've been in Italy 2 months now. Pretty exciting yeah? School has become somewhat of a routine, a miserable one but still a routine. My class, 4E, is excellent, and are definitely nothing like the other classes at my school. Nobody studies, and we mostly spend the day throwing things and messing around and pissing people off. But unfortunately I have to rotate classes and I don't spend the whole day in my classroom. My school assistant is a bit dumb, and with the schedule she put together every week I have 7 hours of math, 6 of chemistry, and 6 of Italian with the freshman. Kill me. This assistant is also my English teacher and she has decided that I need to learn Italian English because it's different that American English. Crazy.... My Italian is coming along pretty well, I can understand most of what people say to me or at least the idea, and even if I don't understand I usually just smile and nod. But luckily all of my teachers think I'm stupid so I don't have to do any work. Sometimes they will be teaching a lesson in Italian and after talking for 5 minutes straight they will translate one sentence for me and then ask me if I understood. They are quite intelligent and helpful.
I have also realized that most of the things I read about Martina Franca before coming here turned out to be lies. The weather is NOT nice, you can't see the ocean from the top of this 'hill', and although it may be an important town for its clothing industry, the fashion here is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen. Unless you like tennis shoes with rubber wedges and a lot of hello kitty and Minnie Mouse....
This isn't to say that it's not beautiful here, just not like they say it is. The historical center, which is the old area of town, is really really cool, but the rest of Martina is like any other town. Except dirtier because everyone throws their trash on the ground.

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