Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finalmente, sono qui.

The orientations were horrible. Complete and utter misery. We spent five days in hotel rooms, classrooms, airports, airplanes, and more being lectured on things we've all heard a million times... Finally on Sunday I woke up and took a 6 hour bus ride (pleasant compared to the orientation days) to Taranto with the other 10 or so exchange students in my town, Martina Franca. When the bus arrived at the station in Taranto all of our host families were happily waiting for us. My host family picked me up and we had a short car ride to Martina and arrived there around 3:00. Then we ate a huge lunch of pasta, sausage, bread, cheese,  fruit, pastries, and more in the Fumarola's beautiful summer house. After lunch I went straight to bed and slept until 11:00 the next morning. We had another big lunch together at two o'clock, the usual in southern Italy, and then I unpacked all of my things. After lunch Daniela's two best friends, Sara and Anna Maria, came over and we made crepes with nutella and watched a movie together. Then we had dinner at ten o'clock and I went to bed. The next day Daniela and I woke up early to get a ride into town where we met Sara and Anna to have breakfast, walk around the town, and take pictures. That evening we all went out to a pizzeria with Daniela's classmates because it was the last day of summer. The pizza was delicious and Daniela's friends were all really fun and tried their best to speak english to me. So not much exciting has happened since I've been here but Italy is beautiful and my Italian is coming along little by little. I start school Monday, so I will probably have more to talk about then.

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